We are totally spoiled for choice when it comes to picturesque, white sand beaches.  Hop on the scooter and go find your dream beach, or simply stroll over the road to hang out on our favourite!



T-land is the main attraction. Long left point.  Works on all tides. Best around mid tide.  Dry season trades cross/offshore.  Boats leaving from the Nemberala harbour area and will take you to the surf and back for Rp50k.


Boa is a grinding right point located at Boa village.  Wind affected during dry season trades.  Early mornings are best.  Shoulder season is the best time for this wave.


Another right offshore reef point.  Hollow.  Needs a bit of swell to work.  Wind affected.  Long paddle or boat from Nemberala. 

Outer islands

These all have waves.  A definite option when there is swell.  Requires a little organisation.

Surf Lessons

We are super lucky to have Ron, the most amazing and chilled out  surf teacher living just down the road.   Ron and his family can cater for all levels, from complete beginners, to those who just need a bit of guidance.  There are two great waves for beginners right opposite Ron's house.  Based on the conditions and your level of experience Ron will take you out and get you popping up in no time!


Whether you're after a day trip with a bit of snorkelling, a sneaky surf mission to find some lesser known waves or an over night camping expedition, we can arrange it for you.  


There is also the beautiful inland lake "Nirvana" which is a must see during high tide.  


For those days when the surf isn't doing it's thing, this is what we do to keep happy:


 The beach right below the properties is amazing for snorkelling at low tide.  The corals and gulleys on the left are absolutely beautiful and there is always lots to see.

Our other favourite spot is Loedi beach, but it's best when there is no wind on it.  There are two options here; follow the reef out along the right hand side, this is usually the better option for good visibility.  Low ish tide is best, otherwise it's a long swim out!  But it's always beautiful.  

The left is stunning too, but the visibility isn't often as good.


A fantastic new addition to the island, Rote Dive Adventures offers a range of options, from snorkelling trips through to a PADI advanced diver course.  

Kayaking at the mangroves

We love the  mangroves!  It's so peaceful and is just a beautiful place to hang out.  We can arrange kayak tours, or you can just take a surf board for a paddle around and explore.


Some of the resorts have regular yoga classes which we can book you in to, or if you prefer we can arrange for a private class at the lodge or villa with the lovely Lea.  

Daytrips to the sights

From waterfalls to the famous 300 steps, if you're willing to spend some time in a car these sights are worth the travel time.


Rote is a Christian island, and the church is at the heart of the local communities here.  They worship every Sunday, and each village takes great pride in having its' own church.  

There is also a strong trade in Ikat production here.  These beautiful textiles are handwoven and (most of them) are coloured using natural dyes.  You can stop by at any of the Ikat shops to watch the process taking place.  It's pretty incredible.  

Many of the locals make good money from farming and selling Agar Agar, a seaweed that is used in many products world-wide.  You will see people out at low tide collecting the seaweed, and can often see it in various places laid out to dry.