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All of your questions answered here:

  • How far are you from the surf?

 We are located in the quiet village of Tunggaoen, which is 7km from Nemberala and the main surf break, T-Land.  It takes around 5-10 minutes to drive there.  Boa is five minutes in the other direction.  

  • Can we walk to the beach from the properties?

Yes!!  We have the most beautiful, secluded beach right over the road.  Fantastic for snorkelling at low tide, and swimming when the tide is in, and it even has a sneaky wave on a good day.  

  • Can scooter hire be arranged?

Absolutely.  We can arrange for scooters to be ready for you upon arrival.  With board rack the cost is 70,000IDR per day.  We can also arrange car hire if you prefer, but this is obviously a much more expensive option.

  • Can you arrange pick up from the harbour or airport?

Of course!  We will send Jef to collect you, just let us know whether your are getting the plane or the ferry to the island.  Jef charges 300,000IDR each way, and you can pay him in cash.  If you prefer then we can pay him and can add it on to your bill to be paid at the end of your stay.

  • Can we get cash out easily?

Sometimes!  I always advise guests to bring as much cash as they can.  It is possible to draw money at the local shop using a foreign card, but they do charge 5%, and sometimes it can be a bit slow.  There is an ATM at Ba'a (near the ferry) so you can stop on the way in and get cash if you need to.   

  • Can we hire boards?

Yes.  There are a few options for board hire down in Nemberala.  The Malole shop, located on the main road, or Danny's shop further down on the opposite side of the road are both good options.  I believe prices are around 150,000IDR per day.  

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